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The Junior Mrs. return with a Comedy album full of songs!

Wine Mower Stovepipe Pong features 16 new tracks with artwork by Antonas Deduchovas!

1. The Pong Song

2. Music For My Wine
3. Private Jet

4. C'mon Get Out

5. Tikka Masala

6. Oooh Caught You

7. Psychefast

8. Cold as Ice (times 3)

9. Daddy Daughter Duet (Live)

10. Mowin' Man

11. Three Cheers for Baron Charles
12. Mom on a Hen Do

13. Sorry to Say

14. Short Notes

15. Boobywork

16. Stovepipe Full of Dreams

The Junior Mrs. - Wine Mower Stovepipe Pong

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