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Where else will you learn the story of a jazz band that not only inadvertently invents beatboxing in 1956 following the on-air death of its drummer but also includes a notorious serial killer whose exploits unfold in both a true crime docuseries and the words of an early 2000s emo-rock band named for the same jazz band’s most famous performance? KKOC.

Side 1
01 California Cult Open Day

02 The Best of Your Dad's Music

03 It's Pronounced St. John

04 The Beast of the Yeast

05 Rock & Roll Christmas - Billy & The Ladybugs


Side 2
01 The Baron Charles Beatbox Incident (The Performance, Not the Band)
02 Jazz Pioneers - Baron Charles Quintet

03 Philipppa Phlapps Learns Facts
04 EscarKum-n-Go

05 You're Listening To...
06 Horse Girl (Bitch)


The Junior Mrs - Best of KKOC | Vinyl LP

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