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Shadow Assembly's Arcane Fusion features 10 Gothic Rock songs composed by Micheal Louis with vocal performances by Brandon Pybus, Marselle Hodges, vISION, Ariel Maniki, Ken Magerman, Nino Sable, Andrey Agapitov and Rod Hanna. 

1. Beneath the Rows (feat. Brandon Pybus)

2. Plaything (feat. Marselle Hodges)

3. Down with the Dead (feat. vISION)

4. My Ophelia

5. Cult of Ishtar (feat. Ariel Namiki)

6. Release the Ravens (feat. Ken Magerman)

7. Green Fairie (feat. Nino Sable)

8. Dr. Dealer

9.  Lost Places, Forgotten Faces (feat. Andrey Agapitov)

10. Woman Torn (feat. Rod Hanna)


Shadow Assembly - Arcane Fusion | CD

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