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Check out the latest hits from each of our Artists on our Volume 3 Sampler!


01 "Brave” by Lydia Rose

02 “Fighters & Lovers” by Muddy Creek & Co.

03. “Sound of the Morning Sun” by Rabbit in Red

04. “Pitch That Metal” by Broken Circle

05 “Joker” by On All Sides

06 “Wounds” by Mr. Shipley

07 "Boomerang" by Sons of Cain

08 “Kong” by Cause of Ruin

09 "A Haunted Awakening" by Abaddon

10 “Alpha Borealis” by Skydweller

11 “Femme” by Ciraxis

12 “Into The Abyss” by Grays Divide

13 ”Standard Operating Procedure B” by The Dr. Orphyus Project

14 “You Never Knew” by Ending Orion

Drift Loud Records Sampler - Volume 3 | CD

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