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2022 and Beyond

Well, we've weathered our first year in existence and the Oracle is smiling upon us. Drift Loud Records has partnered with Effing Brew Company to bring up-and-coming local artists to perform in Effingham, IL. The first show at EBC is on Saturday, January 22nd featuring Ciraxis (Effingham, IL), Ending Orion (St. Louis, MO) and Robot Army (Springfield, IL). There are many more shows scheduled below. All shows have an 8:00PM door time with the first band going hot at 9:00PM. Of course, if you prefer excellent craft beers, burgers & service, come as early as 3:00PM. Please, RSVP on Facebook with the associated link below as it helps us better serve you during your evening out! 01/22 - Ciraxis, Ending Orion & Ending Orion


02/12 - Grays Divide, Dereliction & Abaddon

RSVP► 03/05 - Deep 6, Woody LeBaron & Engine Huey RSVP► 04/02 - Rabbit in Red, Broken Circle & Gilla/Devonne

RSVP► 04/09 - Cause of Ruin, Burn Red Sky & Lights Over Arcadia

RSVP► 04/16 - On All Sides, Blood of Heroes & Artificial Light

RSVP►NA 04/23 - Ciraxis, Dr. Orphyus Project & Ending Orion RSVP►NA 06/24 - Wrath, Grays Divide & Ciraxis RSVP►

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